2019 MADDness Pre-Registration is Closed

Mahalo for your interest in pre-registering for Mustang MADDness 2019. Unfortunately, pre-registration is now closed.

If you’re still interested in entering your Ford-powered vehicle in our show, You MIGHT be able to enter on the day of the show. Here is how it works:

Arrive at Windward Ford between 9:00 and 10:00 am, and go to the registration check-in table. You can sign up for day-of-show entry. These entries will be granted entry to the show based on:

  1. There has to be space available for your vehicle (car show chairman decides if there is space available)
  2. If there is space available, entries are admitted in a first come, first served basis (i.e.: someone who shows up at 9:01 AM is admitted before someone who shows up at 9:59 AM).
  3. Don’t go anywhere after putting your name on the list. If we call your name and you’re not there, your spot goes to the next person in line!

Even if you don’t get into the show, hang around and have a good time.